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Deciphering Success University's "Compensation (Confuse)-view" - Part 1: The Basics
Wednesday, June 07, 2006
(a Note to all Success University fans: the title of this composition - ('Deciphering Success University's "Compensation (Confuse)-view"') - is merely tongue-in-cheek! I would also like to call upon the First Amendment as my friend. Don't go raising a hoo-haa now...;))

In this article, I shall attempt to accurately "diagnose" (not too sure why - but this word just popped into my head :P) Success U's compensation plan as described here (*this is from Confuse-view's... I mean, Success-view's... I mean, Success U's [damn it!! stupid keyboard...] own pages). My plan for this post is to really treat this document as a "work-in-progress" kind of document, and refine, and then "tune up" our description and clarification of Success University's own plan as we along.

Sooo.. are you ready? Let's go!

Firstly, the Number 1 thing that you need to know about Success University's plan is that it is binary. What's that mean, you ask?? Well, if you're asking.. you're probably a dumbassbinary-challenged. Ok wait - "binary" just means "two" - "in terms of two" (a lot of things about your body are based on twos, you know - and some of them are just so very beautiful, don't you think? I mean the brain, that is [Pls...]) So anyway, it makes a lot of cent$$ (or, "dollar$$", as the case may be) that Success U's own plan should be based on twos as well.

Secondly... the Number 2 thing that you should know, is that Success U's plan is based on the system of "2". (see?? - I told you everything came in twos....)

Having said that... let's skip Number 3, Number 4, Number 5 (we just skipped the holy Three here because we don't believe in Threes - only in Twos), and go on, to Number 6 (6 is 2, multiply by 3 - good!!)

Shall we continue? (I see that you are laughing - laughing is no good. Thi$ i$ a $erious matter).


May I continue now? (Yes I may).

Every round of 6 whackosdignified downlines (or sales*) gives you $40. That's the 2nd thing you need to know. Whether it be in the weekly pay way... or the monthly pay way (see, the number "2" figures again; Success University gives it to you in-two-ways - at the same time; They both work in concert - 2-gether.. - CONcurrently).

Finally, let's take a look at some pretty pictures... These pictures tell you what sort of HOT animal your '6' must look like in order for Success University to give you your HOT luvin'....:

The easy way to remember this is to remember the magical number 6... and to remember the number 2. Think about it this way: your 6 students... can be distributed in a 3-way "around-the-world" (ie. equally across your 2 legs...) or in a "4-2" or "2-4" way (one side has twooo-ice the number of dudezz... or dudettezz... [hey, who am I to judge you??] on the other side).

Ok, that's all for now.

(Note: some things or terms that you might like to ignore (for the time being) in Success University's own description of its own comp plan - "dual team", "1/3 : 2/3". It's OK. So long as you've totally understood everything of what I've said so far... you'll be good to go).

(*we'll talk about the distinction between "sales", and "downlines" when we next talk about the weekly pay plan, vs the monthly pay plan). Stay tuned! ...

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Who is The Real Life Guy?
Monday, May 29, 2006
(*NOTE: this is still a draft version).

(the short version) - just another guy trying to make his money from the Internet. Just like you.

(the "slightly longer than short" version) -
(apart from the "short" version above) - I don't care for scams (not even the ones from which I come out unscathed!!) - and I don't care for stupid "get-rich-quick" schemes that don't really work out in the end either. And I don't really care for physical MLMs (MLMs involving the physical distribution, of physical products) either. (That's just not me). What I care for, are real, honest... real (ie., not "pie-in-the-sky", "castle-in-the-air" scheme of things) ways to make an honest living from the Internet. And they have to have the possibility of getting me rich as well. I want to be rich - but rich from the right way. I have a conscience, and I have morals - and I'd like to hang on to these two for a while.

(the long version) -
This self-intro is still very much in flux - so come back often, and re-read it if you will, if you're still curious about me as I update and hone my thoughts on this ("me") topic. Perhaps that may seem strange to you, but please don't think so. This blog is essentially an open blog of self-discovery - and is meant to be a travelogue of a journey. And so things will change, as I grow, and as I mature. A journey, I say.

But several things will still guide me along the way, as I make my way along this journey to the land of riches and financial freedom: as I go there, I will go holding my head high, and maintaining my integrity. And my dignity. And my friends, as well. Hopefully. Things will change, no doubt, but the very basic principles from which I will work will still remain the same. I want to remain Real. And hence... The Real Life Guy.

I'm not there yet. But I hope to be there soon enough. And I will keep working at it. Cos I know that's what it will take for me to get there, I ain't dreamin'. You don't just expect to send out one email... and then sit back, kick back.., relax... and watch the millions roll in. It ain't gonna happen that way. If this is what you're looking for, you probably should stop reading right about now. This ain't no run-of-the-mill kind of thing. It will involve hard work. But it will be worth it. And in the end, I will have learnt many, many, many things about myself along the way as well.

So as things unfold in my life (that relate to the theme of this blog - trying to make an honest, and righteous living from the Internet), I will attempt to pen these down as they happen.

This is The Real Life Guy speaking. Wish me good luck!!

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My opportunities...
Success University. (nothing much really to highlight at this point in time - except that if you could (a) enrich the lives of a few thousand (or more) people - and yours as well, and (b) donate to charity at the same time, wouldn't you?? Do think about it. I'll let Mark Morris, the Founder of Success University do the rest of the talking then).

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